Angels and Aliens – Text und Melodie: Silke Galla, Musik: Konrad Kavallieratos, Vocals: Silke, Penthesilea, Konrad – Athen, 2020

Spring in Berlin – Lyrics und Musik: Silke Galla, Video: Spunk Seipel

 Hammock under Night Sky

Auszug Songtext

I took a bath in the Indian Ocean in the morning

I checked my emails after breakfast

People around me

People from planet Earth

Which language do they speak?

Which language do I speak?


Human Sculpture

Auszug Songtext

a mirror

is the picture more real than reality?

a dance in Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

falling not falling

Tschechow’s sisters

three sisters

drinking more to forget

what we have never known

two lovers the young man and the lady

two elders lovers from before

objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear



Spring in Berlin

Auszug Songtext

this is spring in Berlin

this is not Paris

this is not London

this is not Moskwa

spring in Berlin

long time for spring to come

Siberian wind in March

riding my bicycle without tights

now spring has come suddenly

all people in the street

first icecream of the year

cinnamon and chocolate