Shamanic Work

Trained as Health Practitioner (Gesundheitspraktikerin – DGAM) with special focus on shamanic healing I offer shamanic work for people with problems /challenges in the following fields:

  • feeling of low energy
  • light symptoms of depression
  • problems with the immune system
  • feeling disconnected from body, nature, other people
  • conflicts in relationships, family conflicts
  • releasing old relationships to open up for something new
  • difficulties to release old things, to make space for something new
  • creative energy is stuck or blocked, wanating to write, dance, make music, film, photography, paint, draw, realize a project etc. and not getting or finished started with it
  • stress, burn-out, overwhelmed by urban lifestyle, job, responsibilities
  • wish to start with meditation/spiritual practice and not knowing how to do this
  • wish to move house or to go abroad and not knowing how to get this going
  • wanting to change career, to study, to go to school again
  • anxiety around exams, presentations, difficulties to study
  • problems with concentration, structure, lost joy in what you are doing


Methods include e.g.:

Shamanic Body Work, Energy Balancing, Ancestor Work, Spirit Animals, Shamanic Journeying, Rituals with elements, energetic clearing (alo of spaces, flats, houses work places), Shamanic Walk, EFT/Tapping
The shamanic techniques can be combined with methods from creative writing, art therapy, educational therapy, meditation according to your needs and wishes.

Venues: Käthe-Niederkirchner Str. 23, 10407 Berlin c/o Heilpraxis Frauke Banz and for Shamanic Walks Volkspark Friedrichshain

Price: 80€/h

A shamanic session with shamanic journey or body work lasts ca. 90 min. and costs 120,- Euros.

The work does not replace consulting a medical doctor or healing practitioner and in severe cases this is inevitable.